About Us

International Investor is an award winning half-hour, business television program, providing an overview of the economic development of nations, examining the growth and complexities of international markets and illuminating the inherent risks and potential rewards among them for investors.

Our Mission

To provide first rate market information, expert views and forecasts for the future of the world’s economies.

Our Slogan

We Watch the Wall Streets of the World

Our Charter

International Investor broadly cover all regions of the world including the Pacific Rim, Western and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Latin America, Central America, the Caribbean, the Middle East and Africa, South Central Asia, and individual nations of special importance such as China, Russia, Mexico, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, etc.) and continues to revisit each area as events warrant.

International Investor also tackles issues of global scope for their impact on economic development such as currency trading, financial regulation, capital formation and flows, infrastructure security, market consolidation, corporate governance, etc. (In 2007 International Investor highlighted the “Growing Global Risks in the U.S. Financial Markets” and predicted the “Coming Global Financial Contraction”, which developed the following year).

The program features a majority of guest speakers from foreign nations, including Heads of State, Central Bankers, Finance Ministers, Energy Ministers, Trade, Economic and Commerce Ministers, Ambassadors, Private Sector Chief Executives, institutional investors, portfolio managers and other international specialists, (World Bank, IDB, U.S. government agencies) to help explain world economic developments and markets. International Investor searches for intelligence from international insiders, unique expert analysis and views different or at least independent of Wall Street financial analysts and prognosticators.

International Investor regularly forecasts the future of the U.S. and world markets and economies, always focusing first on the risks and unexpected events that may befall the world’s markets and economies; then on the investor opportunities.

Yet International Investor prides itself on its first person and first source interviews (70% of our interviews are with non-U.S. personnel), directly from the nations being examined and provides more economic and market data and analysis of foreign markets than any other business show on television.

International Investor broadcasts on sixty-two cable television systems including Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, New York City, Tampa and many other cities across the country.  International Investor reaches a combined cable subscribing audience of over twenty-two million cable television households in the U.S.
Special Departments

  • Money Laundering as a Global App.
  • II’s Global Economic Weather Forecast.
  • Tax Evasion’s Cost to the Real World Economy.
  • Boardrooms of Poor Corporate/Government Governance.

SPECIAL NOTE: International Investor has been produced intermittently over the years and is presently in hiatus.  We hope to broadcast again in 2018.