NTD-TV Producing “SpotLight” and other programming, focusing on Asia.
Education Channel The Education Channel, of Tampa, Florida, broadcasting to Institutions of Higher Learning and counties throughout the SouthWest.
International Monetary Fund Promotes international monetary corporation, provides emergency funding to countries in crisis
The World Bank Provides funding directly to governments to improve living standards and to alleviate poverty
International Finance Corporation Funds small enterprises and private sector development directly
Inter-American Development Bank Provides funding for economic development in Latin America and the Caribbean
United Nations Established to promote international legal agreements and cooperation
U.S. Department of Commerce Facilitates trade and promotes U.S. exports
The World trade Organization Fosters international treaties for the rules of trade between nations
Federal Reserve Sets U.S. interest rate policy, monitors bank activities, provides stable monetary system
U.S. Treasury Department Raising capital, managing federal finances, inflows and outflows for U.S. Government
International Chamber of Commerce Promotes interests of member companies doing business internationally