Become An Intern

In partnership with International Investor, LLC, ICLS Washington International Internship Network (WIN) offers a unique program – a combination of intensive language instruction, seminars on U.S. media and journalism practices, and internships at Washington D.C.-based organizations. The “WIN in the USA” formula ensures a successful internship experience that sets participants on a path towards achieving personal and professional goals.

  • The Intensive Business English course helps participants improve their communication skills.
  • Follow-on seminars introduce foreign professionals to U.S. media and journalism trends and practices.
  • The internship program allows foreign students and professionals to receive hands-on experience in U.S. business practices in their chosen occupational fields.



PART ONE: Weeks 1-8: Intensive Business English Course & Seminars on U.S. Media and Journalism (8 weeks)

PART TWO (Optional): Weeks 9-22: On-The-Job Training or Internship (12 weeks)


Internship Training Fields and Qualifications

TV broadcasting and News Production

Technical aspects of television production from on-site camera work to post production television editing, in digital format. PR with interviewees, attending events at official venues, conferences, seminars, embassy receptions strategically significant in the Washington metropolitan area for TV viewing. TV programming and on-air monitoring, including viewer ratings and statistics locating and interviewing guests for TV program. Marketing, PR and promotions, mass media relations and database updating, as well as general administration related to programming.

Economic Research and Editorial Production

Financial research on national economies, capital market research and different sectors. Meeting with and securing guests for programs, assisting in editing, assembling, copying and monitoring the distribution of the program to TV stations around the U.S. and for broadcast via satellite.

Media Research Projects, PR and Marketing, Management

All aspects of marketing, PR and promotions, mass media relations, networking, providing support for media requests and maintaining a press list. Scheduling, following up, and tracking opportunities/meetings with media and corporate partners. Developing presentations and conducting research to prepare for meetings and web-based market research for future projects and for updating media-related content on website and within internal documents. Providing general administrative support for completing project related tasks.

Editorial Journalism and Publishing

Providing editorial assistance, research for articles, quality assurance, copy writing, and editorial reporting on social, economic, political affairs, finance, and law. Intern may assist with page layout and design, content creation, copy editing, covering local events, attending events. Participation in program/project research related to industry or policy analysis; report writing; event planning/organizing; preparing presentation materials; attending meetings; taking notes; disseminating information; collecting data for articles, newsletters and press releases; assisting with databases, project reports, daily communication and administrative tasks.

Media Marketing/Communications

Internet, non-traditional, viral, and corporate marketing. Interns may advance in marketing research, team projects, planning and organizing marketing campaign, fundraising events, preparing presentation materials, marketing kit, attending meetings, building customer relations, managing database, helping with daily correspondence, communications and networking. Help with media outreach, print and digital communications, and corporate partnerships.

Please see WIN in the USA program details, for more information, including eligibility requirements, program dates, etc.

To register, please contact ICLS.