Robert Sherretta, CEO, International Investor, L.L.C.

INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR President, Robert Sherretta attends a briefing inside the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, in Washington, D.C.

INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR President, Robert Sherretta attends a briefing inside the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK, in Washington, D.C.

A former investment professional and practitioner, Robert Sherretta started his career on Wall Street as an analyst with the FINANCIAL ANALYSTS FEDERATION, and worked for several decades as a Registered Investment Advisor and an international research director for several of the world’s largest banking and investment institutions. These included CITIBANK/CITIGROUP, MORGAN STANLEY/DEAN WITTER and the French banking group, SOCIETE’ GENERALE’ SECURITIES CORPORATION, where he served as Vice President of International Research on the institutional trading desk.

During his career, Mr. Sherretta has published, edited and written for over 50 business periodicals and has been a regular contributor to numerous business journals. He is a long-standing member of the National Economist Club and the Washington Association of Money Managers.

In New York, Mr. Sherretta created, published, and edited such reports as Global Investing” (1987),International Equity Bulletin” (1989).

Living in Paris and working throughout Europe, he founded and published Euromarket Intelligence” (1991) and “Europe’s Top 1000 Companies”.

In Washington, D.C., Mr. Sherretta served as Vice President for the WEFA GROUP (Wharton Econometric Forecasting Associates) which regularly forecasted the world’s currencies and commodities markets, global industrial sectors and over one hundred (100) nation economies.

In 1997, Mr. Sherretta launched his investment firm, INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR, LLC., and a few years later, the television program, “INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR”, which examines issues of global economic development.  Traveling the world “INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR” has interviewed hundreds of Central Bankers, Finance Ministers, Stock Exchange Directors, Securities Regulators, Heads of States, leading U.S. and foreign government officials and key institutional investment and private corporate officers.   Now airing regularly for seventeen years, the program began syndicating to 62 stations in leading financial centers across the U.S., to forty-two major university broadcasting networks, on two educational channels (‘The Learning Channel”, Tampa, Florida and “The Higher Learning Channel”, St. Louis, Missouri) and can be seen via webcasting throughout the world.

AWARDS PROGRAM: Bi-Annually, INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR hosts and sponsors the “TOP TEN EMBASSIES OF WASHINGTON AWARDS”.  Emanating from INTERNATIONAL INVESTOR’S direct contact with Embassies and their personnel in Washington, these awards are determined by a panel of judges and awarded to those embassies which make the most effective efforts to promote their nation in the United States and the media.

CONSULTANT: In 1999. With the assistance of John Nash (Founder of the NACD), Mr. Sherretta launched INTERNATIONAL BOARD GOVERNANCE & INVESTMENT ADVISORS, which counseled organizations on Best Governance Practices, (Financial Reporting, Transparency, Disclosure), and Strategic Planning.  IBGIA forged international partnerships for corporate and Economic Development Agency clients with a special focus to guard against corrupt practices, both internally and externally.

PRESENT POSITIONS: Today, Mr. Sherretta is a Vice President and Board Director of the WASHINGTON ASSOCIATION OF MONEY MANAGERS, a Board Member of the NATIONAL ECONOMISTS CLUB, President of the Board of FCCAC and also serves as the President of the Board for the BPHA.

WRITINGS/PUBLICATIONS: Mr. Sherretta is often quoted in the business press (Washington, Post, Wall Street Journal), and he regularly contributes articles and special reports on the world’s economies.  In 2010 he authored a book, “THE STEWARDS” and in 2017 his second book, “EARTH’S MARROW” was published.

EDUCATOR: From 2005 to 2007, Mr. Sherretta, served as President of the CHEP INSTITUTE, an international non-profit, professional organization whose mission was to establish and lead the college financial planning profession by setting the highest standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence by offering the Chartered Education Planner (ChEP™) certification.  Today Mr. Sherretta teaches as adjunct professor at Virginia International University and the ICLS.

EDUCATION:  For over 20 years, Mr. Sherretta was licensed to trade Equities, Futures, Options, Bonds  (Securities Licenses: Series 6, 7, 31, 63, 65), and he served as a Registered Institutional Investment Advisor for Portfolio Managers in the Pension Fund, Mutual Fund, ETF and Hedge Fund industries.  He received a Bachelor of Arts Degree – PENNSYLVANIA STATE UNIVERSITY in 1974 and he attended Post Graduate Business Programs at Temple University, Pennsylvania University’s Wharton School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Pace University in New York City. 

Partial List of Mr. Sherretta’s Appearances as a Seminar Speaker, Panelist, Commentator on Financial and International Issues:

·         “Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Agreement’s (TPP) Impact on International Investment” (WHITE HOUSE EEOB, Advisory Panel Member for TPP and Business for 2015 State of the Union, Washington, D.C., January, 2015).

·          “Foreign Investment Trends in U.S. Business and Property” (ASIAN BUSINESS SUMMIT, AACC Annual Meeting, Fairfax, VA Government Center, October, 2014).

·         “Forecasting the Global Economies; Why Standard Econometric Measurements Fail?” (VIRGINIA INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, Guest Speaker Series, Fairfax, VA September 2014).

  • “Legislative Issues for Security” (Department of Corrections and Justice Services, Winchester, VA, September, 2012).
  • “Sustainability and Renewable Energy”, (United States Senate, Kennedy Auditorium, Panel Participant, Washington, D.C., June, 2011).
  • “Global Inequality and Distribution of Wealth”, (District Architecture Center, French-American Global Forum, Washington, D.C., March 2010).
  • “New Media: Innovation in Hard Times 2009” (GABA EVENT: MEDIA CENTER, Palo Alto, CA, January 2009).
  • “Latin America’s Elections and Implications for Economic Relations”
  • (CCAA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Miami, Florida, November 2008).
  • “Investing in Russia’s Energy”, (WORLD RUSSIAN FORUM, UNITED STATES HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES, Washington, D.C., May 2007).
  • “Measuring the Intangible Economy and U.S. Competitiveness” (EURASIAN BUSINESS COALITION, Washington, D.C. Sept., 2006).
  • “Mongolia: Mineral Rich State Struggles Between Russia and China” (MONGOLIAN EMBASSY, U.S. DEPT. OF COMMERCE, March, 2006)
  • “Leveraging the Media to Advance the International Organization”, (INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS ACCELERATOR PROGRAM, MASON ENTERPRISE CENTER, Fairfax, VA, January 2006).
  • “Identifying International Media Partnerships”, (U.S. DEPT. OF COMMERCE/BISNIS, Washington, D.C. January 2006).
  • “Electronic Media’s Potential in Developing Markets”, (U.S./AFRICA TRADE CONFERENCE, Reston, VA, November 2005).
  • “The Scope and Impact of International Trade and Financial Markets” (AMERICAN UNIVERSITY, Washington, D.C. September, 2005).
  • “Creating a Single Capital and Stock Market for the Caribbean”. (CCAA ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Miami, Florida, December 2004).
  • “The Impact of U.S. International Trade Policy on Employment and the Economy”, (NATIONAL PRESS CLUB, Washington, D.C. November, 2004),
  • “Using International Associations for Market Penetration”, WORLD TRADE CENTER CONGRESS, Ronald Reagan Center, Washington, D.C. October, 2003),
  • “Corporate Governance and Capital Market Integration”, INTER-AMERICAN DEVELOPMENT BANK CONFERENCE, Trinidad & Tobago, October 2003),
  • “International Institutions in Washington as Resources”, (at the International Monetary Fund, Washington, D.C., May 2003),
  • China’s Entry into the WTO and Its Impact on Asia”, (INTERNATIONAL TRADE ASSOCIATION CONFERENCE, Washington, D.C., October 2001),
  • “Measuring Investment Risk Worldwide”, (AMBASSADORS CONFERENCE, Washington, D.C., Oct. 2000),
  • “Investment in Scandinavia and Europe”, (FOREIGN HOLDING COMPANY LAW CONFERENCE, Copenhagen, DM, May, 1999),
  • “Growth and Regulation of Asia’s Capital Markets”, (before the STATE COUNCIL OF CHINA in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China, April, 1999),
  • “Money Laundering & the Securities Industry— Laundromat’s Back Door”, (OCEANA’S CYBERCRIME CONFERENCE, Curacao, Oct. 1998),
  • “Investment Obstacles in Africa”, (AFRICA ECONOMIC FORUM, World Bank/IMF Meetings, Washington, D.C. Oct. 1998).