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Robert Elliott Partner/Retired, KPMG
Frederick Krebs President, American Corporate Counsel Association
Robert Kurucza Former Director of the Division of Investment Management, Securities & Exchange Commission
Marinus Sikkel Chairman, Investment and Multinational Enterprises, O.E.C.D.
Janelle Diller Multinational Enterprises Department, International Labor Office, (I.L.O.)
Alice Marlin Dir. Social Accountability International
Lynda Taskett Principal, Deloitte Consulting
Steven Wallman Former Commissioner, S.E.C.
Harveyl. Pitts Chairman, Securities & Exchange Commission
Alan Greenspan Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board, U.S.
Neal Sullivan Executive Director of the North American Securities Administrators Association
Katherine Ann Hagen International Labour Office, Deputy Director General
Danny Leipziger Division Chief for the World Bank Office of Regulation Economic Development Institutes
Chen Yao Xian Vice Chairman of China Securities Regulatory Commission
Antonio Kandir Planning Minister, Brazil
Lawrence Summers Former Secretary of the Treasury
David Aaron Former Under Secretary Commerce for International Trade
Robert E. Rubin Former U.S. Secretary of Treasury
Mario de Diego Jr. Exec. Director, Banking Association of Panama
Ricardo J. Aleman Dir. General, Free Trade Zone, Colon, Panama
Brenton Greene V.P., President’s Commission of U.S. Infrastructure
Feng Ai-Ling Deputy Director of Macro Systems, People’s Republic of China
Song Mi Director, Infrastructure Development, People’s Rep. of China
Guem Peterson Managing Director, Free Zone of Aruba
Gerold Herrmann Secretary, United Nations Commission on International Trade Law
Ali-Al Naimi Oil Minister of Saudi Arabia
Charles Goodhart Board Member, Monetary Policy Committee, Bank of England
Jan Kregel Senior Economist, UNCTAD
Andrew D. Crockett GM Bank for International Settlements, Chmn. of Financial Stability Forum
Eduardo Aninat Deputy Managing Director, International Monetary Fund (IMF)
Roger Ferguson, Jr. Vice Chairman, Board of Governors, Federal Reserve
Leo Goldschmidt Chairman, Corporate Governance Committee, European Association of Securities Dealers (EASD)
Edward S. Knight Executive VP, NASDAQ
Alain Leclair Chairman, European Mutual Fund Association
Guillermo Fretes Former Vice Chairman, Securities Commission, Argentina
Victoria H. Figge Director, Financial Regulatory Authority, Panama, Panama Stock Exchange
Nicholas Stern Chief Economist, World Bank
Es Telle James World Bank’s International Pension Fund Analyst
Arthur Levitt Former Chairman U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (S.E.C.)